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Instructions for Parents

How to access the student record for the first time

1   Go to the parent/guest email inbox where the invitation was sent. Open the email message with the subject “New proxy identity”.

step 1b

2   Click on action url link.

Note: The action URL is a single-use URL and it is valid for 5 days. Subsequent uses of the action URL will redirect to the proxy login page.

step 2b

3   Enter the Action Password also included in the e-mail. Click “Submit”

step 3b

4   Enter the Email Address, Old PIN (Action Password), New Pin, Validate PIN. Then click on “Save”

step 4b

5   On the profile tab, verify the First Name, Last Name and Email Address.

Note: The First Name, Last Name and Email Address can be updated here. If the email address is updated, the proxy (parent/guest) will get two emails – one email sent to the old email address and one sent to the new address. The email includes instructions to begin viewing the authorized pages with the new email address.

step 5b

6   You may now select the tab with the appropriate student name to view any pages authorized by the student.

Note: The Red Bold ones are for bill pay purpose.

step 6b

7   The parent will be connected to Self-Service Banner and can now begin to access the Page(s) that were authorized for them by the student

For Parents/Guests

Returning to the Parent/Guest Portal

If you wish to access a student’s record through the parent/guest portal after activating your account for the first time, return to the Parent/Guest Portal site. This site contains the URL for the Proxy Login Page. Click on that link and use the login credentials you established when activating your account.

If you are an individual with a disability who needs an alternative format of the instructions document please contact the Office of Disability Services at