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Deposit to Mountie Bounty

Deposit Mountie Bounty Electronically

Using MyMountaineerCard to make a Mountie Bounty deposit is convenient, fast, and most importantly, it’s secure—making an online deposit eliminates the need to provide sensitive account information over the phone or through U.S. mail. Using MyMountaineerCard also means that users no longer have to physically visit a machine or office on campus to deposit cash to their Mountaineer Card—now, users can make a deposit wherever an internet connection is available by using their credit card or debit card—and as an added bonus, there is no cost to the user or guest to use this service!

NOTE: You can search for a student’s MyID username using the WVU On-line Directory Lookup. The username appears before the ’@’ sign in the student’s e-mail address—if you are still unsure what the correct username is after searching the directory, please check with the student

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