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Detailed Instructions

Directions follow.  For step-by-step screen shots on how to grant or access records for the first time, check out the following links.
Students: Here's how to grant access to a parent/guest. (Parents see below for how to access your record after your student grants you access.)

  1. Select the STAR tab from and enter your Login credentials.

  2. Once in STAR, click STAR Information System Login if you aren't taken directly to your STAR account. If the system prompts you to enter your Login credentials, enter them.

  3. Once you see the main menu, click Parent/Guest Portal at the bottom of the page.

  4. Click Proxy Management.

  5. Click Add Proxy to add a parent/guest.

  6. Enter their First Name, Last Name and valid Email Address. Click Add Proxy.

  7. Once the proxy has been added, click Expand next to their name.

  8. Click the Profile tab. Select Relationship, enter Description (e.g., Mom, Uncle Ray) and enter Passphrase (e.g., My pet's name is Suzy). The Start and Stop Dates are populated by default for a six year period.
    Note: The parent or guest will receive two emails with subject "New proxy identity" and "New proxy relationship." If their email address has been used by some other student then only one email will be sent to them with the subject line "New proxy relationship." This creates a relationship student/guest. If they don't receive emails, they need to check their spam folder.

  9. Click on Email Passphrase to notify your parent/guest of the passphrase so they can use it to contact necessary offices, as needed, under FERPA.
    Note: Your parent/guest will receive an email with the subject line "Send updated proxy passphrase" containing the passphrase you set.

  10. Select the Authorization tab. Click boxes next to the items you wish to authorize your parent/guest to view.
    Note: Clicking the box for an overall category will select all the boxes for that category (e.g., clicking Financial Aid Information will select all boxes in that category).

Parents: Here's how to access the student record for the first time

Access a Student Record via the Parent/Guest Portal for the First Time (Public)

What do parents/guests need to do?

  1. Once access has been granted by your student, go to the parent/guest email inbox where the invitation e-mail was sent. Open the email with the subject New proxy identity.

  2. Click the first link (the action URL). A new window will open to the portal.
    Note: The action URL is a single-use URL and is valid for 30 days. To return to the Parent/Guest Portal later, bookmark the following link:

  3. Enter the Action Password that is included in the New proxy identity email and click Submit
    Note: The Action Password is the PIN/Password that is included in the email.

  4. To change your password, enter parent/guest Email Address, Old PIN (Action Password from e-mail above), New Pin (your choice), and Validate New Pin. After entering all information click Save.

  5. Click the Profile tab and verify your First Name, Last Name and Email Address. Click Save after making any changes.
    Note: The First Name, Last Name and Email Address can be updated here. If the email address is updated, two emails will be sent - one to the old email address and one to the new email address. Instructions to begin viewing the authorized pages are within the email sent to the new address.

  6. Click the Name of your student next to the Profile tab. You are now able to click and view any pages the student has authorized you to view.
    Note: The categories listed in red relate to bill pay.

Note: Your student can set a passphrase for you to use when calling or emailing WVU on your student’s behalf. This verifies your identity. Please save this so you have it when needed. Encourage them not to forget this important step!