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Detailed Instructions

Students: How to grant access to a parent/guest

1   Login to STAR SSB with your WVU ID or your MIX ID/MyID and your PIN/Password.

step 1

2   Click on Parent/Guest Portal

step 2

3   Click on Proxy Management

step 3

4   Click on Add Proxy

step 4

5   Enter First Name, Last Name and Valid Email Address. Click on “Add Proxy”

step 5

6   Click on “Expand”

step 6

7   Go to Profile tab – Select Relationship as Parent or Legal Guardian. Enter Description (e.g. My Mom, Dad). Enter Passphrase (e.g. “My Dog’s Pet name is Suzy”). The Star Date and End Dates are populated by default for a period of six years.

Note: Proxy Parent will get two emails with subject “New proxy identity” and “New proxy relationship”. If the proxy email address has been used by some other student then only one email will be sent to proxy with the subject line new proxy relationship. This creates a relationship between student and parent.

step 8

8   Click on “Email Passphrase” to notify your proxy of this passphrase, so they can use it to contact necessary offices, as needed, under FERPA

Note: The proxy parent will receive email with the “subject line Send updated proxy passphrase” containing the passphrase you set.

step 9

9   Go to Authorization tab

step 10

10  Click the check boxes for the items you wish to authorize your parent/guest to view. Clicking on the check box for a category will select all the pages for that category (e.g. clicking Financial Aid Information will select all boxes in that category).

step 11