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FAQ for Parents

  1. What is the STAR Parent/Guest Portal?

    STAR is WVU’s student information system. Your student can create an account for you, and authorize you to view some of their information in STAR, such as account/billing information, financial aid, grades, course schedule, and housing/dining information. You can access this information by logging into the Parent/Guest Portal with the account your student created for you.
  2. I forgot my PIN/password. Now what?

    You can click the Forgot PIN button on the logon page to reset it, or your student can reset it for you.
  3. I cannot log into the Parent/Guest Portal. Why?

    There are several possibilities. First, confirm with your student that he/she created an account for you and that the Start and Stop Dates for the account are set properly. Also, confirm with your student that you are using the correct username (e-mail address) to logon. If you have forgotten your PIN/password, your student can reset it for you, or you can click the Forgot PIN button on the logon page to reset it.
  4. I lost the “New Proxy Identity” e-mail message needed to activate my Parent/Guest Portal account. What can I do?

    Your student can re-send the message from their Communications tab in Proxy Management.
  5. How do I change my PIN/password?

    After logging into the Parent/Guest Portal, click the link “Click here to change your PIN”. If you forgot your PIN/password, click the Forgot PIN button on the logon page or ask your student to reset it for you.
  6. What is a “Passphrase”?

    Your student can assign a word or phrase to your account, which you must use to verify your FERPA identity for phone calls or other offline queries to WVU offices. If you have questions about FERPA, please refer to Your student is responsible for communicating this FERPA passphrase to you.
  7. How do I change the e-mail address that I use to log into the Parent/Guest Portal?

    After logging into the Parent/Guest Portal, you can change your name or e-mail address at any time by updating the information on your Profile tab. If you change your e-mail address, the system will send you two e-mail addresses: one e-mail message to the current (old) e-mail address with a link to decline the change, and another message to the new e-mail address with a link to accept the change.
  8. Will I have more than one set of logon credentials if I have more than one student attending WVU?

    No. Because your account username is your e-mail address, if more than one student authorizes you to access their information, you will see a tab for each student after logging into the Parent/Guest Portal.
  9. I cannot see some of my student’s information. Why?

    Your student determines the information (or pages) that you are authorized to view.
  10. Can I update my student’s information?

    You may only view your student’s information.
  11. Can I use the Parent/Guest Portal to pay my student’s academic deposit or electronic bill?

    Yes, if your student authorized this access for you.
  12. I was trying to update my student’s information, and I was redirected to a logon page. What happened?

    You cannot update your student’s information.
  13. The Parent/Guest Portal is very slow when using the Safari web browser. What can I do?

    This is a known issue. We recommend using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.
  14. I am still having technical difficulties. Who do I call?

    You can contact the WVU Information Technology Services help desk at 304-293-4444.